The truth is,modern marketing is hard. CMOs have many demanding masters.  CFOs demand accountability for profitable campaigns that generate a positive return on investment.  CTOs demand a vision, plan, and cost justification for AdTech / MarTech infrastructure investments.  CEOs demand insight into mercurial customer behavior and guidance on product development and innovation.  Above all, your customers demand more than ever before. Today’s consumers are armed with powerful social media tools to magnify any dissatisfaction, and growing access to companies from across the globe who will fulfill their needs if you can’t.  Add to this the constant onslaught of new media, new technology tools, new tactics, — more more more more.  Even within a specific project the complexity of implementation and integration is overwhelming.  Modern marketers need help.

Deliver customer delight with serendipitous moments, using technology to leverage data for real-time customization

Ten Truths Marketing provides a framework for thinking about the new problems facing marketers as well as specific tools for overcoming these challenges


Learn more about the Exocentric Marketing paradigm, the Ten Truths of Modern Marketing strategic framework, or the First Principles toolset for evaluating Marketing Technology and Advertising Technology implementations

Learn more about Mark Osborne, Ten Truths Marketing Founder.  See specific experience and areas of expertise for speaking engagements, training, or keynote presentations.

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Common topics for keynotes and training sessions:

  • Guiding Vision and Strategy using The Ten Truths of Modern Marketing
  • Serendipitous marketing moments through an Exocentric obsession with your customer via data
  • Stop the Insanity! – Better marketing technology implementations through First Principles and Leverage
  • Channels, devices, platforms – delivering relevant messaging throughout the customer journey in an always on, all access world.
  • Education on various topics from the basics on how digital media technology works to best practices in data solutions

Ten Truths Marketing is strategic thought leadership for data-driven marketers meeting the demands of modern marketing.  Content aligns with various objectives:

  • Transformative speaking engagements for industry events and company leadership teams
  • Creating a clear vision for data-driven marketing organizations
  • Selecting the right technology to support data-driven decision-making
  • Implementing technology and creating robust, flexible infrastructure for insights
  • Activating data for better, more accountable marketing outcomes